A Deck adds great value to your house and can be used as relaxing area in the house. It is also used for family and friend’s gatherings and greatly enjoyed. To increase the value and enhance the look of the house it should be maintained well.  Three main reasons to stain deck are as follows:

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First reason is that a deck area is always exposed to the weather conditions. Water and sun are mainly responsible for the damage of deck.  Therefore, it is very important to protect the deck by staining it.

Second reason is that with a deck that has faded stains, the looks are majorly deteriorated. In order to maintain the value of the home and keeping the deck as a show piece of your house, you need to stain it regularly. You should stain deck at least once in a year.

The third reason to stain your deck on regular basis is because, it gives you a chance to keep your deck up to date. If you put new sidings to your deck and they do not match with the deck, the entire glamour to it can be ruined. Hence, the staining process can help you to get the continuity back to your exterior features.

Deck Staining provides two benefits to begin with. Firstly, it increases the wood’s life and secondly it adds beauty to wood deck. It is always best to consult professionals who can do this job perfectly like Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring, who are perfect and have many years of experience. Deck staining requires professionals only, if getting the best results is what you wish to achieve. You can choose a wood stain color and match it to the wood color. Wood stains are available in various colors.

Few Things to Consider Before Installing Deck and Staining It

No matter if the deck is new or old it must be cleaned thoroughly before staining. Cleaning the deck with power washing, removes mildew, mold or dirt. Old decks must be cleaned well. This is owing to the fact that old decks have earlier coating of stains that can also be removed with power washing. Most importantly, after the cleaning and washing it has to be dried for at least a day before the staining.

Wood brighteners should be applied before the first coat of stain. Brighteners remove the stain-stripper that has been used and restore the appearance of old wood. Brighteners are easy to apply, just spray them & rinse them off after few minutes.

The next thing is to choose is whether you want an oil-based stain or water-based stain. If you have large area, then you might be looking at spraying the stain. So for that purpose, a water-based stain is a good idea. Oil based ones are bit costlier and hard to clean out of sprayers. If you have less surface area, then oil-based stain gives you more options with more transparency and long lasting protection. If you are staining for the first time, then oil-based staining is best and can enrich the original color of the wood.