Being the best flooring option, a wood floor needs to be refinished for maintaining its charm and sheen. Sanding happens to be the commonly used method which is tedious and time consuming along with the amount of clutter which comes along with the process. Here are some tips for you to make it easier and less complicated.

The Special Finishing Kit

Though professionals have used the chemical etching method for years, a Do-It-Yourself Chemical Finishing Kit will shed your burden of refinishing the floor. Available easily in the market, this kit is the best alternative to the traditional Sanding method and just by reading the instructions; you can refinish the floor all by yourself.

Clean the Room

Even before you open the kit, you should clean the room of all the furniture and objects. Refinishing works best when every nook and corner of the floor is refinished. So shift your furniture and create space to allow easy movement of hands while you refinish your wood floor.

Sand the floor with the liquid

This needs to be done in small patches because the liquid can seep in the floor cracks and damage the base. Select a small portion of the floor and apply the liquid etcher. Scrubbing is best done with grain, maintaining light pressure. You may choose to keep your windows open if you don’t want the smell lingering in the house, though the liquid etcher has very little Smell.

Touching the floor

Make a mix of dishwasher and water and mop the floor wet with it to erase the excessive etcher. It is suggested to wear shoe covers while you are mopping the floor. Apart from saving your shoes it will also save you from slips and falls.

Fast and quick – the new finish

The finishing liquid which comes within the kit will give you ten minutes or so to smoothen it. So make sure you have a helper for this one. Depending on the heat and the humidity, it could dry faster or give you more time. So while you apply the finish, make sure you smooth it fast enough. Else it becomes gummy and almost impossible to smoothen.

Keep things handy to avoid confusion

You would need a broom, a mop, a sweeper, paint brushes, Scrubbing grain and pads for this application. So make sure that you have all the things handy to avoid the imperfections while you are finishing the floor.

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