Bathroom flooring has to be chosen carefully and with caution exerted. While one aspect is the sight and look it offers, the anti-slip and a strong grip are also a major criteria for bathroom floors. Especially with children in the house, the anti-slip is a must! Bathroom floors see a high concentration of water and moisture and this is why a flooring option that is resistant to slips and moisture is needed.

Here are Easy Steps to Help you Deal with Cracked Tiles

A crack in a tile may be due to wear and tear or it may simply be with the breakage due to something heavy falling on the floor. In fact, the crack may be minuscule or big enough to split the tile into two. In either cases, a repair or a replacement is necessary. Here are some easy ways to repair the tiles by yourself such that a small task does not cost you a bomb.

  1. Firstly estimate the damage: If it is a small crack, epoxy should be effectively able to fill it up. Alternatively, a big crack or an uneven bend may need to be replaced.
  2. Sealing with epoxy: Clean the damaged tile with water and let it dry completely. After it has dried and the surface is good for adhesion, apply the epoxy.
  3. Epoxy can be made with the help of the instructions that are mentioned on the pack and a hair drier can be used to dry the damaged tile. In fact, detergent should be used in order to wash the tile to remove traces of any material.
  4. The best alternative is the epoxy solution. Sand the excessive epoxy with a cloth and finish the surface
  5. In case of total damage to the tiles, they should be better replaced. For that you may contact the local dealer such that the same tile can be fit in.
  6. While fitting the new tile, the fitting and the compactness of the new tile being placed has to be considered such that the pressure exerted does not damage the neighboring tiles.

While the best option for the flooring options in the bathrooms is Vinyl tiles in textures and finishes, the other options that are durable are stone floors and ceramic tiles. Except the fact that all ceramic tiles do not have the grooves to retain the grip, ceramic tiles are an easy and economical option.

Tips to Maintain the Bathroom Floor

By regular maintenance of the bathroom floor the longevity f the floor may be increased. Some of the common tips to follow are:

  1. Never leave the bathroom floor wet with poodles of water
  2. Always wipe the floor with a soft mop of a Wiper
  3. Keep the corners and the edges of the bathroom clean
  4. Do not leave soap lather on the bathroom surface. The stains can stick on the flooring leaving soap marks

Never close all the vents in the bathroom. Either a ventilator, exhaust or a window should be left open to increase ventilation and let in fresh air. Humidity in the Bathroom can lead to moisture beneath the floor or the walls.