Hardwood floors are the most durable flooring options and also have a high durability with respect to the various elements of age and finishing that are found in this type of flooring. Apart from this flooring option having the most elegant feel about them, the longevity of the flooring is also high due to the resistance for all types of use that the flooring can offer. With respect to the care, while the hardwood floors do not need too much care, the maintenance is one factor that has to be regularly considered.

Hardwood floors are made of real wood that is high end and durable. This requires a major care in terms of the polishing and refinishing that is required.  Considered to be the timeless beauty that can be retained with proper care and maintenance, the number of designs that can be paired with the floors are many. In any case, it is required to ensure that the maintenance of the floor is not compromised upon.

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One of the major problems that arise with the hardwood floor is the scuffing and the wearing out of the floor such that it starts to look old and worn out. In this case, owing to the amount of expense that would be incurred on changing the entire flooring, Refinishing is one way where in the floor would become as good as new. We give you a step wise method that you can use refinish the floors

Step1 : Clean the floor: This is the most important step where in the floor that has to be refinished, needs to be clean of dust and dirt. This ensures that the refinished surface is absolutely clean and sparkling.

Step 2: Identify the perimeter of the floor that is to be refinished. A wooden floor may be limited to the walls of the room or span across the entire perimeter of the floor. In both the cases, if you are refinishing your floor, you may not be able to complete the entire stretch in one go. Hence, the identify and clean the flooring portion that is to be refinished in necessary.

Step 3: Scuffing the floor with sand is the next step that can either be done manually or using a machine This is where the professional is needed. They actually have the expertise of the flooring needs and also have the machinery that may be required.

Step 4: After the scuffing and buffing has made the floor smooth and finished, the next step would be to apply the polymer finish that lends the shine to it.

There are various do it yourself kits that are available in the market, and in such cases to hire a professional is also recommended. This is not only because of the expertise they have, but to spread out the mess that is otherwise created is not the easy to clean. Hence, in case affordable, to hire a professional is the best option.

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