Now that you have successfully installed your stairs or want to give your existing stairs a fresh new look by installing hardwood flooring. With new hardwood treads and risers to your stairs, you can give your stairs and house a more elegant look.

Hardwood floorings could be sourced directly and you could match them with the existing flooring, this will complement the new staircase. Standard stairs which are closed on both ends or with no balusters can be fitted with hardwood flooring you but other stairs may need professional help of carpenters.

With bare minimum skills of measuring, using a power saw, scribing and pneumatic nailer you can install hardwood flooring on stairs. You will need tools like measuring tape, pneumatic nailer, compass and power saw to accomplish this task. Hardwood treads and risers could be bought along with putty and then these steps will guide you on how to install hardwood floors.

1. Cutting the Risers from Hardwood Panel

From the hardwood board, cut out risers of your desired height. First, you will have to mark the measurements and then you can use the power saw to cut through the measurement markings. Be careful in marking the width of the risers as you will need to add an additional 3/4th of an inch to make it easier to assemble.

2. Marking the Riser

When a panel of required measurement is pulled out from hardwood board to be used as a riser. Do put it over the location where it would be adhered to. Measure 3/8 inch on a compass and using it mark the measurement and scribe a line on the riser from both ends. Using these scribes as a reference cut out the excess from both ends.

3. Installing the Tread

Cut the stair treads in such a manner that the round part overhangs the riser by 1 cm. During marking the breadth of the tread add ¾ inches to the measurements and after aligning it to the stair frame draw a similar scribe of 3/8 inches as done in the case of risers and cut out the extra portion from both ends that are beyond the scribe.

4. Fix the Risers

You can use nails as well as adhesives to fix the hardwood panels as risers after aligning them accurately using the slots and measuring tape. You will have to nail the risers to stringers, which are frames beneath them. There are stringers on each side of walls and in the middle of the stairs. You can also use industrial glue on the back of risers to strengthen the bonds.

5. Attaching the Tread

After trimming and aligning the tread accurately and safely you can fix them using construction or industrial glues. Apply the construction adhesive to the step evenly and install the treads and clean away the remaining glue. Applying glue to step instead of tread board minimizes the amount of squeeze-out near the rounded outer edge. Use 8d flooring nails and attach two nails in each stringer to enhance strength and support to your hardwood floor installation.

Using these methods you can give your stairs a brand new look by installing hardwood floors but don’t hesitate to consult for professional help whenever required.