Is there any easy and quick way to install wood flooring? It is by installing floating floor and you can do it yourself without any expert help.

Surprisingly, it must be nailed down like regular wood strips, it just has to be snapped or glued together. Also, it can also be used on any material such as vinyl, plywood, ceramic and concrete. Sounds easy, right? Now let’s jump to the topic on how to install a floating floor?

How to Install Floating Wood Floor

A Man Installing Floating Wood Floor

Area Calculation

It is essential to plan the direction in which the flooring needs to be applied. Usually running the planks parallel or lengthwise to the wall is always the best. This might be followed by calculating the number of planks which will be needed after measuring the width in measuring with length.

Trim the Door Castings

Trimming of the door casting is essential and it must be done in a way so that the flooring will slide below the doors with ease. The technique is done best using a small foam and a piece of flooring.

Install the Foam Underlayment

The foam can be fixed on the floor after it has been vacuumed. The whole room must be covered with a single foam layer, after which the seams will be sealed with a duck tape.


The first course of the fixing the planks will be on the sides, starting by the furrow end next to the walls. This might be followed by laying planks on the remaining of the floor. Few things which should be kept in mind is that every length must be more than eight inches, place spacers on the sides before placing a plank and follow this way.

Measure the Last Course

While doing the flooring for the last time it is essential to measure the gap very  cautious. It has to be measured till the spacer near to the wall and the gap must be accounted for is due to the fact that while fixing the flooring needs to fix all the ends as well below the doorways.

Rip the Plank to Width

To fit the width, you will have to cut the plank of the notches of the doorways. A sharp and fine tooth wood blades are needed to fix the floating floor installation and to cut these planks slowly.

Pry the Last Course

The spacers must be taken off from the last room, after which the pry bar will help in dragging the piece tight against the one used in the previous course. Also, the glue has to be dried for at least 12 hours before removing the duck tape, trimming or spacing the room for perimeter and neatening.

Complete the Trimming

The final step on how to install floating floor is to install the final trim on the sides of the door stops. Also, the change needs to be set on the subfloor while overlaying the floor from the other side. The shoe molding must be completed with one piece ideally.