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Sandless Hardwood Flooring Restoration and Refinishing Service in Pittsburgh

Offering you a free estimate, Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring, a Pittsburgh based company specializes in all types of hardwood Flooring. We also offer the hardwood flooring solutions at competitive rates and assure you for the highest quality of services. Many years of expertise in this area, have made our Hardwood Flooring Specialists engage in the beat practices in use. We also offer you sand less restoration of your hardwood floor even if is 20 years old.

Restoration and dustless renovations are also a part of our package deals. Call us now to avail any offers and discounts that may be applicable to restorations and installations of hardwood Flooring.

Why hardwood Flooring?

  • No other flooring offers enough wrath and beauty than the hardwood flooring.
  • We offer the latest technology in hardwood flooring making it very easy to clean and maintain the hardwood floors. It’s not like earlier times anymore.
  • Considering this is a natural source, Hardwood floors are more suited and are Eco friendly
  • A huge variety and a range to choose from is available and apart from being the most beautiful solutions to lend to your home, maintaining the hardwood floors is quite easy now as compared to earlier times.

Types of Hardwood Flooring offered by us:

  • A solid Oak wood Flooring will make your flooring derive greater appeal and are not meant to be installed directly over rough areas. The most successful installations of hardwood flooring of the Solid oak types involve the nail down process and refinishing and re-coating the solid wood floor several times.
  • Red Oak is most commonly used in flooring for its durability and resistance to too much weight. Measuring 1260 on the Janca scale, the hardness of all the woods that are used as a flooring solution can be compared and studied in comparison to this.
  • White Oak has smaller knots and almost white in colour.An d may be used for the roughest of use.

A little on the expensive side, hardwood flooring is the most preferred choice of interior solutions. There have been hardwood floors that have been maintained for over the last One hundred years.

Call us now and we will have an expert visit you at your convenience.

Please feel free to inquire TEL (412)521-1238 Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM M-F

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