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Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Expert Hardwood Floor Restoration Service in Pittsburgh

Restoring your Old Floors

If you are to compare the hardwood and carpeted floors, then Hardwood floors can be repaired. Carpet flooring needs to be changed completely. At Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring, we break down the entire restoration process into three major steps.

  1. Beginning by removing any kinds of foreign objects and cleaning the debris if any.
  2. Removing the already existing finish using a drum sander and Repairing the wood if needed for any scratches of holes and gaps
  3. Staining the wood and finally applying the new finish.

This may sound very simple but in actual, to restore wooden flooring, a lot of effort goes in place. Using the right products and machinery is highly important for having the right kind of finish. This is why our in house Restoration team is an expert in their domain. With complete know how of all the methods and techniques, the wooden floor restoration is handled completely by our experts who also suggest the best money saving ideas also.

Any little issue with the hardwood flooring at the time of its installation or restoration may hamper the overall life of the floor. This is why an expert is needed for handling the installations and restorations of the Hardwood flooring. Call us now and we will have an expert visit you for an analysis and a free estimate. We at Pittsburgh hardwood flooring understand that each of our customers has their own independent needs and so we customize the flooring solutions for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • We specialize in hardwood Flooring
  • We stand by our works and jobs undertaken
  • All our processes are non-dust and sand less
  • We have expertise and experience needed to make the restorations flawless.
  • We care about your time and offer services at your convenience
  • No hidden charges and we are insured

Apart from this we offer you the best craftsmanship in the area and guarantee that when you engage us to restore the floor for you, you will be able to see through it.

Call us now and make your floor look as good as new again.

Please feel free to inquire TEL (412)521-1238 Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM M-F

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