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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service in Pittsburgh Area

Has your Hardwood Flooring started to age? Can you find dust, scratches and debris between your floorboards? These are signs that your floor needs help. This indicates the need for a good “Refinishing” of the floor. And the first thing which is need for refinishing the floor is a Buffer. An industrial Vacuum is used to remove any of the leftover debris followed by a fresh coat of Oil based polymer which is richly applied. Though this coat takes about eight hours to soak in, after it has dried up, the polymer coat makes the floor look as good as new. We recommend applying a fresh coat every year to retain the quality of the floor.

Dustless Sanding

It is now easy to have and maintain the beautiful durable floors that you always dream of. Enjoy the comfort and hassle free refinishing of the Dustless Sanding. This state of the art method is way faster than the traditional methods and provides flawless results.

Apart from being the most effective method, dustless sanding releases no airborne dust and no major cleaning is required after the process also making it a very healthy option.

Quality Services Assured

Whether the job involves dusting the floor completely, or involves just a portion of oiling, we at Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring have the right skill set and focus on customer satisfaction. We will also finish the entire process for you within the dedicated time span. Beginning right from Staining and Sealing we will refinish the floor for you with the best colours and make it look as good as a new floor Installation.

Apart from redoing old floors, we also specialize at installation of new hardwood floors that would last you more than a lifetime. Enjoy the floor which looks as good as the new floor, at the fraction of the Installation cost. Offering you fast, reliable and affordable services trust us for nothing but the best.

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How to Refinish a Wood Floor Without Sanding

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