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A deck is a great addition to the outdoor space of any home. To enjoy your Pittsburgh summer like never before, consider adding a deck to your property. Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring specializes in deck design and installation. We will plan, build, and produce the deck of your dreams. But picking the perfect deck isn’t easy, specifically when it comes to the details of deck materials. Like flooring, there are distinct advantages to every deck building material. This guide will help you decide on the best way to build your own deck.

Pressure-treated wood is an affordable, durable solution for any deck or outdoor installation. If cared for properly, this kind of wood can last for decades. However, pressure treated wood is susceptible to drying, decay and discoloration. For this reason, it’s important to treat this type of wood with care, ensuring it’s protected with new layers of finish every few years.


Redwood and cedar decks are certain to introduceĀ a rich and eye-catching color into your outdoor space. With vivid color, handsome graining and a natural resistance to rot caused by insects or other environmental causes, redwood and cedar is always a popular decking choice among our customers. Though more expensive than pressure-treated wood, redwood and cedar offers a distinctly high-end look that is certain to impress neighbors and friends alike. Introduce a touch of class into your outdoor area with a redwood or cedar deck.

Plastic-wood composites are perhaps the most durable deck material around. Blending recycled plastic with wood fibers, these composites are both a green-friendly solution and an incredibly durable, resistant deck material. Low maintenance, this material doesn’t require near constant upkeep or a difficult, demanding installation. These composites are also available in a variety of grains, colors and styles, meaning each plastic-wood composite deck is endlessly customizable to the look of your yard.

These are just a few of your deck options for this summer with Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring. Call today to learn more about the services we offer, the type of decks we build, and when we can get started! Mention this website and enjoy a free estimate on your deck or any other job.

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