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When picking out a carpet, many people overlook the the choice of carpet pad. Acting as an underlay or cushion, carpet padding affects both the performance and the appearance of your carpet. Essentially, a carpet pad is a spongy, padded layer that sits just beneath your carpet. Cut smaller than the area of your carpet, the padding is placed between your carpet and the floor. Our installers staple or glue the pad to the subfloor, joining each separate section together with a combination of glue and special adhesive tape.

The first responsibility of a carpet pad is protecting your carpet. Without a carpet pad, the bottom of your carpet will wear down against your bare floor. The carpet pad absorbs the impact of foot traffic and reduces the weight of furniture on your carpet’s surface. According to research, carpets without sufficient padding see the height of their pile reduced significantly compared to carpets that enjoy adequate padding.

Beyond protecting your carpet, the carpet pad also serves additional, performance related functions. A carpet with the right carpet pad has a softer feel to it, making it more comfortable to walk upon. But different types of carpet pad suit different styles of carpet, so it’s important to research and find the pad that’s right for your flooring. A pad also makes clearing your carpet much easier. By preserving the natural shape and springiness of the carpet, cleaning and vacuuming your floor becomes much easier. A raised carpet is easier to remove dirt from, preventing permanent stains and allergies.

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A carpet pad also offers thermal insulation, stopping the air and drafts that can seep through carpeting. A carpet pad that helps your floor trap heat will make it easier to regulate the temperature in your home. Carpet padding will also dampen sound, which is an added benefit for multi-storied homes and buildings where muffling footsteps will help keep noise leakage down.

When choosing a carpet padding, make sure to refer to your carpet manufacturer’s warranty and instructions. Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring will help you understand the many types of carpeting, and which padding is best suited to each. We are Pittsburgh’s most experienced installers, and we will help you get the most out of your new flooring. An important consideration when choosing your carpet pad is considering where the pad will be used. How much traffic does the room see? Is it a kid’s playroom or an entrance hallway? If so, thicker padding will help keep your carpet in good shape. We walk through your space with you, helping you determine which carpet is best suited to your home. Call Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring today to learn more!

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