End grain flooring is a type of floor finish laid on screeds with adhesives. The wood used is normally hardwood. This is used for climatic areas mostly. The wood floor is hard wearing when polished and laid properly. It is similar to parquets but bigger in size. Various patterns can be used for laying. The size is 2/8 inches width and length respectively. The pattern for lying might be plain straight or diagonal straight. These are done following with the room widths. It is essential to do a floor skirting around the room using 3 pieces fixed in a row.

When laying end grain wood flooring, the floor screed must be cured and dried completely. After laying the wood, water must not be poured on the floor. You can use a mop to clean it. The floor screed must be completed with a steel float to make it smoother. It must not have any cracks or bumps. These must be no air pockets in the blocks. The gum must be evenly spread with a scrapper. The wood you use must be seasoned well and dry so that doesn’t shrink after lying. After sanding and before polishing, it is a must to do a pest control.

The floor screed must be scrapped to take off any dirt or mortar stuck on it. It is then wiped with a soft broom to take off any dust. The area to be laid must be marked correctly. This must be three widths of the block from the wall. The wood glue or an adhesive is spread and combed on the screed. In a diagonal pattern, the first piece is laid. The next block then placed at half the length of the block. The floor is them done within the marked area with this pattern while beating with a mallet. Remember to use a rubber one. The striking is completed with three blocks laid straight along the wall.

After laying wood blocks completely, a sanding machine uses to level it. The floor is sanded rough first. Then the filling is done with fine wood dust and gum. Sanding is then repeated medium smooth, after this, it is done smoother. Once it is done, a pest control coating is painted on the wood. After it gets dried completely, the desired wood polish is then painted on the floor. The polish must be done in four or three coats. Then the wall skirting is fixed. To match the skirting, the painting is done. Each coat must dry completely as the manufacturer’s instruction.

The secret why people prefer end-grain flooring is its durability. End-grain flooring is highly durable and withstand any climatic conditions. People living in colder countries prefer wood block flooring to keep their feet warm and to secure themselves from frost bites.

If you are looking for lay end grain flooring, talk to a provider now to know more about the varieties, qualities and other aspects of the flooring.