Vinyl flooring has been designed for the modern homes and with the protective layering of PVC it is just what you need to make your home comfortable and maintenance free. It is also completely indistinguishable from wood because of the higher resolution imaging technology and can also imitate stone surfaces. For easy installations, avariety of the vinyl flooring called the click-lock boards and floating boards are considered for a fast and easy space control.

Economical Flooring Options for Modern Homes

With higher resistance to scratches, stains, dents and scruffs, high quality floors and laundry areas are easily maintained with vinyl floorings.

If you are looking for products which will offer you a decade of hassle free flooring then Pittsburgh Hardwood Flooring is where you should make your choice. We offer the flooring directly to you, which mean that you can buy the best products available at the lowest costs. Though you may also choose from the Hardwoods, ceramic tiles and stone flooring options available with us, but there are certain benefits of using vinyl flooring in comparison to other flooring options.

Benefits of using Vinyl Flooring

  1. Large variety of styles and designs: There is a huge variety of options to choose from. Finishing and polishing offers different shades of flooring to match the interiors and upholstery of the house. Apart from that you can choose from a large variety of finished products to lend a new look.
  2. Suited for all kinds of usage: Whether you have a pet or children, or have a high usage living room, Vinyl floorings are the best when it comes to maintenance free usage. Food spills, water stains, or high moisture, infact be it too cold or too warm, this flooring is just apt for all houses and climates.
  3. Easy installation: Assuming that you have the time available, vinyl floorings are very easy to install. With the Do-it-Yourself variety coming in, you can now easily install the flooring by yourself which helps you saving the installation cost while you take pride in the self-installation.
  4. Softer surface: Vinyl flooring provides a softer foot touch in comparison to wood and stone floorings. Considering the flooring is backed by a small lining of felt, it is softer as compared to others. Apart from adding comfort to your feet, it also lends a higher flexibility to the floor making it a completely desirable option to last for decades.
  5. High durability: Vinyl floors wear out well. It is extremely longlasting. Some of the manufacturers also assure the product for almost 15 years. In fact a vinyl flooring option which has been installed and maintained well can easily last up to 20 years maintaining its quality and sheen.

Apart from being easy to clean and durable, vinyl flooring is the most economical option as well. This is why this is the most commonly chosen flooring. Call us now and we will have an expert understand your needs. We will also offer you a price quote for free.